Nikel and Pechengsky Municipal District Brand Development
Asmysl team
Photo by Inna Mikhalchuk
Our mission is to study history carefully, take a look at the present time, and think about the future together and create a brand that will be:
1. Welcomed by the locals
2. Attractive for entrepreneurs and investors
3. Interesting for international and russian tourists
From the beginning of June, we started working on the brand of Nikel and Pechengsky Municipal District. Usually we visit the territory and communicate with people a lot, but this year all the transportation is significally limited and we've launched our project remotely.

We want to introduce you with this process and describe our results on this site.

In the heart of the territory brand lies the idea, which unites residents, etrepreneurs and region leaders. That's why we pay special atterntion to communication with all the interested participants, especially those living on the territory.

We want you so much to take part in the first process stage of the research, take part in the survey and answer some questions.

Our team work with territory development and territory brands creation. We're spectialize with northern towns and places. Our team has succesfully launched Taimyr brand, Arkhangelskaya District brans, Nenets Autonomous District brand, Belomorie tourist cluster in Murmansk Region with detailed illustrated map.
We offer you to take a part in a survey of research for territory resident's opinions. All the results will be published at the end of the survey during the last weeks of July.
Asmysl team — (in russian)
Natalia Rybalchenko
Brand strategist and Asmysl team CEO
Igor Makovsky
Art Director and project developer, co-founder of Asmysl team
Olga Baturina
Brand Consultant

Alexey Andreev
Alena Svetushkova
Expert in terms of digital town transformation, non-commercial sector and impact investmetns
Maria Doreuli
Font designer, founder of Contrast Foundry
Elena Schnaider
Font designer and tour operator from Iceland
Marketing research
June — july
  1. Analysis of the exist researches
  2. Internet research
  3. Interviews with territory leaders
  4. Border area analysis
  5. Report presentation
Expeditions across the territory
July – september
(in case of quarantine end)

  1. Nikel
  2. Zapolyarnyi
  3. Pechenga
  4. Korzunovo
  5. Liinakhamari
  6. Rybachi Peninsula (Tsypnavolok, Vaida-guba, Zubovka)
  7. Kola Superdeep Borehole
  8. Pasvik Nature Reserve
(august — 15 january 2021)
  1. Nikel and Pechengsky Distict brand strategy variants development
  2. Presentation, discussion, choosing
Pechengsky Municipal District tourist cluster naming
(15 september — 1 october 2020)
  1. Creating naming variants
  2. Presentation, discussion, choosing
Brandbook development
(15 january — 15 april 2021)
  1. Design research
  2. Creating design variants
  3. Presentation, discussion, choosing
  4. Brandbook development
Interactive map
Map will be updated later after the survey takes end and will be researched (in Russia)
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